Sneaks & Peaks x The iLL sessions x Nike iD - COMPETITION

Sneaks & Peaks x The iLL sessions x Nike iD – COMPETITION


sneaks&peaks Round 4 – Saturday April 19th 2014

Saturday April 19th sees the next installment of sneaks&peaks at Boxxed in Digbeth. Starting life as a small event with a handful of traders, Dj’s, MC’s and the support of Bench 504. Positioned under the viaducts its warehouse vibe and large yard space has enabled Sneaks & Peaks to continue to grow into a true Urban lifestyle event featuring…

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I was recently sent a little cheeky package from Ta No Koto O Yatte, they put a bally in with my package… If you know anything about me you will know I have some sort of thing for ballies, usually on other people as I’ve never actually owned one but now I have one it’s my new favourite thing haha (throws make shift t-shirt bally in corner of room). That said, it’s not just ballies that they…

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Puma Women x JD Sports

Puma Women x JD Sports



I get A LOT of girls asking where they can pick up some trainers in small sizes so it’s nice when I receive gifts off companies that stock crepes for us girlies with mini whips!

JD sports have been kind enough to send me these little Puma Suede beasts! Check out the site HEREand pick yourself up some beauties! I love mine, it’s nice to get away from my usual runner style and they are a great…

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Puma State | Exclusive Size? Release - Friday 14 March

Puma State | Exclusive Size? Release – Friday 14 March



Today I received my limited edition Puma States from the lovely guys over at Canoe inc, so big ups to them!


This limited edition release (funny enough called States but available only in a company that doesn’t actually have stores in the states) feature the fat laces we know and love Puma for and a soft suede upper. In your pack you will a receive a top quality book, a wooden brush with gold…

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City of Paranoia 2

Cotch and watch..

LeMaow x Your Own Clothing

I was asked last week to do some promo for Your Own Clothing so I thought, what better way than throwin’ some type on a wall!

Sign Writing – Eddy

When I go out to paint sometimes I like to mix it up and do a bit of typography…

Yo it’s Dr Syntax Droppin’ Sick Raps - w/ Pete Cannon

Yo it’s Dr Syntax Droppin’ Sick Raps – w/ Pete Cannon


So when I received an email saying that Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon really wanted to be enjoying pop tarts in the bath I thought I’d help make that happen for my fellow 30+ er’s!


Not to mention that Glacial from Foreign Beggars ft Syntax is one of my favourite tracks of all time (instant good mood track), but recently throughout 2013, Syntax had an amazing accolade-laden year working with…

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Fuck the Police - Ukraine

Fuck the Police – Ukraine



For those of you who don’t know (and I say this because I have just been speaking to somebody who hadn’t heard), the people of Ukraine have engaged in an anti-government protest, battling in a political crisis against police. My friend Max (instagram: stayXmax) is there living it as we speak. It has been the bloodiest period of Ukraine’s 22-year post-Soviet history, we in the UK have heard…

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Above the City of Manchester

Just a good edit from my boys over at Standby Media, this is how we do it MCR style… Cotch an watch…

Carhartt | Asian SMU - Release

Carhartt | Asian SMU – Release


photo 3

As most of you know I work for Carhartt WIP in the Manchester store and I am so excited to see the official release of the Carhartt WIP Asian SMU range today.

The Asian SMU products take inspiration from previous season styles, such as the Elias shirt and Denim Patch shirt we can see a resemblance from past heritage ranges and the Oxford Rib Shirt reflects previous collaborations, with basic…

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Krate and Co

Krate and Co

Lei Mai lei BOX 02

I’ve been collecting sneakers since I was 13 (yes I’m 30, that’s 17 years, angin’).  About 4 years ago I came across some stackable see through plastic boxes that were the perfect rectangle shape for trainers to fit in. They looked a bit cloudy so they weren’t perfect, but I couldn’t get my hands on them anyway and after a while I gave up even trying to find them and continued searching for…

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Nike Air Mag | Self Tying Power Laces – 2015View Post

Nike Air Mag | Self Tying Power Laces – 2015

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Leake Street Takeover!! Please Donate!View Post

Leake Street Takeover!! Please Donate!

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They are one of the most divisive designs in Nike’s long history. Yet the Air Huarache has a… Post

They are one of the most divisive designs in Nike’s long history. Yet the Air Huarache has a…

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